Thursday, April 30, 2009

Meeting with Core Committee Members

Hey everyone! Just to keep you guys updated, these are important points that were brought up during the meeting!

1. House Sticker
A colour-coded house sticker will be pasted onto the reverse side of our ID tags. There are 2 main purposes to this, (a) to be used for identification during registration for IMU Cup games before the match and (b) to signify which house you are in! Each student will only be given 1 house sticker, and are not allowed to trade their stickers with their friends from other houses (or disfigure the sticker). It is said to tear if we try to remove it from the tag and there will be no replacement for the sticker unless there is a valid reasons for it. but I doubt we need to do that right? :)

2. I:Drive
There will be a Griffin House folder in I:Drive. So, information and announcements will be made via I:Drive, as well as Facebook and the Blog! The contact details for the House Core Committee members and the Sports Reps will also be made available on I:Drive! So do check for updates!


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