Monday, June 15, 2009


Fellow Griffinians,

THE STICKERS ARE ALREADY OUT! Remeber we mentioned about the stickers earlier. They're out and we will be distributing them to those present in IMU at the current moment (which means M207,M109,DT108,DT109,P109,P108). There are few important things about the stickers:

- we will stick it on the student ID, at the back part of it
- it's irremovable, once stuck you cant try to peel it off

So when we call up you guys after lecture, please come down ya.. There are few other things that we'd like to ask your favours :

a) HOUSE FUND . EVERY GRIFFINIANS WOULD NEED TO PAY RM 5. It'll be use to fund the house needs, i.e banner,flag,food,drinks. We'll ensure your money will not be misused.

b) SPORTS EVENT : We're going to recruit more people for all events and just sign up guys!! No need to worry even if u r not that good!!

That's all for now. STUDY HARD, PLAY HARD.

Thank you.


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