Saturday, July 18, 2009

IMU Cup Logo and Banner Design

1. IMU Cup Logo

The publicist Loshana (ME108) from the IMU Cup Committee has informed us that a new logo for the whole of IMU Cup is needed. She was impressed by the house logos that were designed by the different houses and has decided to let our local talents come up with the IMU Cup Logo design, instead of hiring an external designer.

The Prize money is RM250 for the chosen design and due to the limited funds allocated to each house, Loshana suggests that this money can be used as part of the house fund. The logo will also be used for the rest of the IMU cups for eternity.

There is no real theme or concept, go crazy! The design should be 6000 x 4526 and it should be done digitally. Unfortuntely, hand-drawn designs will not be accepted. Each house can submit as many logos as they want but there has to be a short write up explaining their logo.

Deadline: 20th July 2009

Anyone in the house can submit their logo designs but kindly send the logos to the House Email Address ( first, and the House will help you send your design to Loshana, this will make it easier for her to sort through the submitted logos.

2. House Banner Design

Designs for house banners will also be needed, if you have any designs in mind, please also email your design to

Deadline: 10 August 2009

Thank you! :)


zaffxx said...

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