Saturday, August 15, 2009

Recruitment Drive

Hello Griffinians!!

There will be a recruitment drive for all houses next week. Details are as follows:

Date : 17th August 2009 (Monday)
Time : 10 - 1 pm
Venue : Atrium
*M207 Malaysian Studies Class will be having food fair at the same time

On that day, we will :
1) Distribute house stickers to those who haven't taken yet
2) Recruit people for events lacking of member. For example:
- female futsal - female basketball (urgent)
- darts - male volleyball
- swimming(urgent) - table tennis (urgent)
- tennis - squash
- scrabble - touch rugby

If you're interested in joining any of these events, pls give us your name on Monday. You need not be really good in these events to join them, as long as you've passion and commitment to
learn and practise, that is good enough!!

3) Distributing house shirts (most probably)
- the house shirts will arrive on Monday as I was informed. So, we're planning to distribute the shirts on Monday. Priority will be given to those who'd given us their shirt size
earlier on
. Those who'd not informed us of their sizes will be served on 'first come first
serve' basis.

4) We will also collect the house fund of RM 5 for those who hadn't paid yet.

Next week is last week before IMU CUP. I hope that all events have started their practise. Those who havent, PLEASE START BY THIS WEEK!! It is important for us to meet up and practise so that we'll know our strength and weaknesses.

Our aim is of course to do our best to win IMU CUP. But, do not forget to have fun and be passionate in whatever we do. Only then the true spirit of IMU Cup will prevail and we will be more motivated to give our best.

Lastly, as house captain, it's my wish to see everyone involved and participate in IMU Cup wholeheartedly. I'm free to receive any comments or critics, just post it at the chatbox. I'll take note of it. Thank you

Your house captain,



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