Monday, July 11, 2011

New year new Aim

Hi there everybody :)

My name is Alex Satish, I'm a second year medical student at IMU, and this year i'll be your Griffin house captain.

So far so good, i have been doing my best to keep the griffin house organised and in order.

We are however, still in the progress of Recruiting sports reps. So if any of you guys are interested, please drop a comment to this post, or the chatbox on the right there.

Also, I haven't gotten any news from the Imu Cup president as of yet. So I have no idea what is going on for IMU cup 2011 at the moment. Hopefully that will change soon.

So let me be pleased to list out to you the Committee members of Griffin for the year 2011.

Captain -------> Alex Satish from Medicine
Vice captain Alpha -------> Jessica Ho From Nutrition & Dietetics
Vice captain Beta -------> Boo Kuo Tuan From Chiropractics
Secretary --------> Carmen Liew From Bachelor of pharmacy
Vice Secretary --------> Kek Jay Lyn from Medicine
Treasurer --------> Michelle Wong from Dentistry
Pr Officer --------> Wong Siow-yi From Medicine
Design chiefs --------> Edna and Emily (Sorry but can you guys tell me which course you guys taking?) I Think it was N&D and Medicine but i cant remember

So yeah :) here we guys are, and we are proud to take over the Helm this year for Griffin!
Onwards to having a fun time this year :)


IMU Scrabble Club said...

Hi there, this is Jonathan Wong (ME2/10), the IMU Scrabble Club president, and I would like to take up the responsibility as the Scrabble sports rep if there isn't one yet.

If there is already a Scrabble sports rep, then please contact me at for the rules and regulations and flow of play, which I have created. I would be pleased to play for Griffin again, as I did last year. Thanks! =)

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