Sunday, May 17, 2009

A Few Important Updates

Hello guys,here are few important updates:

a) To all sports rep, please remember to complete your tasks :
- find participants for your respective events
- prepare a training programme for the team (starting from mid-June) -venue/time
- prepare a proposed budget (minimal cost ya :p)

We'll have another meeting in 2nd week of June for to check on the progress. Details of the meeting will be informed later. Thank you soo much!

b) Currently, the batch reps are as follows:
- DT109&M109 : Pei Jie
- M208 : Jiayi & Satchid
- DT108&M108 : Amanda
- M207 : Karim
- P108 : E-Jing
- B106 : Jun Yan
- B107 : Kean Ping
* N106-N109/P109/B108/Health Sciences need to appoint a batch rep each.
- please refer to these people for more info.

c) To every Griffinians!
- keep yourself updated with latest announcements by referring to notice board, Facebook Group, i drive, and THIS BLOGSPOT! especially those on loooong holidays.
- SIGN UP for the events that you're interested in NOW! Do not wait till it's August ya. Sign up early, then we can train early and higher chances of winning!! Yeah! Just join the games and don't think whether u r that good or not. We'll have trainings and selections, no regret joining em.
- pass the info around especially to friends who still has no clue bout IMU Cup :)

That's bout it. Thank you all again. I believe if we enjoy ourselves in IMU Cup this time around, we'll definitely have a lot of great memories to be cherished off later in life \(^_^)/


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