Saturday, May 23, 2009

Cheerleading Meeting

Hello everyone! There'll be a Griffin House cheerleading meeting on monday (25 May) at 11am in PBL Room 12. If you are interested in joining cheerleading, please contact me @ 014-9111695. Cheerleading is open to both guys and girls (cheerleading is not gay), hehe. and both guys and girls are equally impt!

There are a few things we can think about first, so that we can make the meeting on monday a quick one!

1. Songs we can use for the routine
2. Ideas for a good opening and ending/ possible storyline
3. Cheers
4. Personal schedule, so that we can fix practice and meeting sessions!

So if you are interested or if you know anyone else who is interested pls pass this info to them! and if you dont intend to join cheerleading but have ideas to contribute, pls feel free to post them on the facebook page or sms me! All ideas are welcome! Thank u! :D

*Remember to sign up for the other sports teams, design teams and cheer teams too! Every member counts! :D


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